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Jaci N.


“This is the first review I have ever written. I was so impressed with the customer service and the follow through in their company. I had to tell others about my experience.

I was looking online at their website and within 15 minutes I had a call from customer service asking how they could be of assistance. This was a Friday evening yet at the end of our conversation I was given a number to call back for any further questions . I did call back and the President of the company answered my call. He listened to my questions, concerns, and promised to follow up. Ten minutes later he called back with the information, continued to complete my order and faxed the paperwork to my physician’s office. The clinic called Monday morning and the process had begun.
Smiles Medical followed up with me at every juncture.

I received my continual glucose monitor in the mail within ten days of my first call. I was amazed and told they would follow up “with future orders and remember to call with questions and concerns. My rating is 10+!!”

Christine K.


I received my Freestyle Libre 2 and have been using it for three days and I love it. It is amazing how much it is helping me to see how everything can affect my blood sugars. I can finally, after many years of dealing with diabetes, feel like I have a tool that will really help me. Smiles Med has been a great company to work with. I have even spoken to the president of the company and he was very helpful and friendly! Thanks Smile Med for your services and your desire to help people with this hard and often frustrating disease.

Gary S.


[Smiles Med Supply] is a Company that gives actually gives a “S**t”.

Fred B.


Smiles Med Supply’s customer service was amazing they spent almost 2 hours helping me understand how to use my CGM. Their team was amazing and so patient.